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"Dr. Ross and the staff of Advanced Neurotherapy possess a combination of skills and competence unusual in the field of Neurotherapy.  Their highly evolved technical and clinical skills provide for a powerful application of this tool."  

        Dr. Barry Sterman, founder of the field of Neurofeedback Professor

                                         Emeritus of Neurobiology and Biobehavioral

                   Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine


What is Neurotherapy, How it works, and Why

as explained by Dr. Ross

Welcome to Advanced Neurotherapy!   Dr. Jolene Ross and her team provide effective, pain free, drug free treatment that starts with a Quantitative EEG Brain Map.  This comprehensive assessment method includes collecting EEG data at 19 locations on the head during several tasks including: eyes closed, eyes open, reading, listening, math, watching a social attribution video, and while performing the rapid automated naming test, when appropriate.  If someone is unable to perform any of these tasks, we adapt to their abilities.  For example a child who cannot yet do math will draw or scribble.  This Brain Map pinpoints discordant rhythms in your brain. Once identified, neurotherapy (biofeedback) sessions correct brain imbalances and promote sustained healthy function, resulting in a substantial reduction or elimination of symptoms.      


The Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a 17 year-old, worldwide nonprofit organization that promotes wellness and disease prevention programs is sponsoring a series of FREE workshops by Dr. Ross. 

She is currently offering the following  workshops at local libraries, Parent Advisory Councils, and groups:

Get to the Root of ADD/ADHD
and Executive Functioning Skills


Get to the Root of the Problem:

Drug Free Approaches to Treating

Learning and Behavioral Problems

Dr. Ross will present information and research evidence on this little known brain mapping technique that allows practitioners to diagnose and treat difficulties when most every other technique has failed. 

Workshop participants will gain an understanding of this simple, pain free and drug free procedure that pinpoints discordant rhythms or under-performing areas in a person's brain.  Once identified, a series of biofeedback sessions corrects these areas and promotes healthy brain function.  The result is a substantial reduction or even elimination of a person's symptoms. 

Come for this free educational session and see before and after brain images and learn about the dramatic improvements these people have experienced. 

Please see the above calendar for dates and locations for each workshop.

If you would like Dr. Ross to speak to your group, contact Anna at or via phone at 781-444-9115.

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